Adding / editing gallery

Enter edit mode, find "Grand Gallery" block in list on the left and add it to area of your choice.

Gallery types

  1. Gallery based on Files

    This gallery is loosely tied to File Sets or Folders
    • adding image to gallery will not directly interfere with File Sets or Folders
    • you can add single image from File Manager or whole File Sets or Folders
    • when deleting image, you have option to:
      • remove it from current gallery only
      • remove it from current gallery + completely remove from CMS
  2. Gallery based on File Set

    This gallery is closely tied to File Sets.
    • you can create/edit/delete File Sets within block (any changes will be present in your CMS)
    • changing order of images will change order in File Set (after saving block)
    • adding image to gallery will immediately assign it to currently selected File Set (before saving block)
    • when deleting image, you have option to:
      • remove it from selected File Set only
      • remove it from selected File Set + completely remove from CMS
  3. Gallery based on Folder

    This gallery is closely tied to Folders.
    • you can create/edit/delete Folders within block (any changes will be present in your CMS)
    • adding image to gallery will immediately move it to currently selected Folder (before saving block)
    • when deleting image, you have option to:
      • completely remove it from CMS

Add / order images

You can change order of images by grabbing and moving thumbnails within area.

Edit images

Do you want to display Titles and Descriptions? – available options:

  • No
  • Yes, get values directly from File Attributes
  • Yes, get values from current Page
  • Yes, set the same values for all Images
  • Yes, set different values for every Image

Selecting last option will give you greatest possibilities to modify images, titles, descriptions and order of images.


You can change title and description of gallery here.


Recommended way is to change global settings in dashboard page, because you will not have to edit multiple galleries, if you want to change one element. Albeit, if you are in need of changing some options for particular gallery, feel free to do it here.

See Dashboard Block Settings for more information.


While in edit mode, click Grand Gallery block, select "Design & Custom Template", click cog icon, select custom template and click "Save" button.


In order to have perfect circle-shaped images, you need:

  • set identical thumbnail width and height (for example: width 500px and height 500px)
  • check crop

Dashboard settings (Grand Gallery)

Click "Dashboard" button and find "Grand Gallery" link in panel on the right.


Available options:

  • change default Gallery Type when adding new block
  • restrict File Set selection to those starting with typed word (for example: you can restrict File Sets to those starting with "Gallery - ")
  • restrict Folder selection to those located under selected folder (for example: you can restrict Folders to those located under "Galleries" folder)
  • change lightbox options (currently PhotoSwipe and Magnific Popup available), you can have only one of them enabled for all galleries on your site

Block settings

These are global settings for all galleries, which you can override in every single block if necessary.


  • Image generation method
    • Use image helper
      • Leave empty fields to use original images as thumbnails (no cropping and resizing).
      • You can also provide: only width, only height or both width and height.
      • Cropping images will, in practice, make all images the same size.
    • Use concrete5 thumbnail system
      • Thumbnail types can be created/modified in "/dashboard/system/files/thumbnails".
        It is best to create/modify thumbnail types before uploading images (because you will need to rescan files otherwise).
        To rescan image go to "File Manager", right click on selected image, select "Properties" and click "Rescan" button.
  • You also need to specify number of columns depending on screen size.


Go to demo page to check all available effects.

Thumbnails - Hover

Go to demo page to check all available effects.

Reset Global Settings

Here you can reset global settings to default values.