How to start?

After you download and install Insta Media Gallery package on your website, you have to decide how to obtain Instagram Access Token.

You have these options:

1. Get access token using Facebook App:

  • Easiest and recommended method.
  • Some API limits are shared between all app users (but those limits scale linear with each connected user and I have built-in some safeguards into package).

 Get access token using Facebook App

2. Get access token using your own custom Facebook App:

  • More complicated setup.
  • You have full control over generating access tokens and API limits.
  • You are independent of health/status of my personal Facebook account (in case it was blocked/banned etc.).
  • Your app can be run in perpetual development mode (you don't have to submit app for review).
  • Although you can fetch Media from your @profile without submitting app for review, fetching media by #hashtag requires you to submit your real business information to Facebook.

Contact me for instructions and pricing