Block settings

Block settings

In order to add a block, you have to add at least one Media source in Dashboard.

Go to Page where you want to add gallery, click "Add Content", find "Insta Media Gallery" block and drag it to any area.


  • Media Sources
    Select one or more Media Sources, that you have added earlier in Dashboard.
  • Moderation
    All selected Media Sources should have the same Moderation mode selected in their Dashboard settings and match mode selected in this block.
  • Media at start
    How many Media to display at start
  • Media to reveal
    How many Media to reveal after you click "Show more" button
  • Sorting Method
  • Filter by Hashtag
    Enter without # sign.
    If you created Personal account, you can still filter your posts by hashtag.

Header & Labels

Instagram URL should be filled with link to your Instagram profile or hashtag.


  • Number of columns
    How many columns to display at different breakpoints.
  • Thumbnails
    Choose method of Image generation between "Image Helper" and "Concrete Thumbnails System".
    Currently Concrete does not fully support .webp format, so it can not create thumbnails from .webp images (which you will find on Instagram quite often) - it will use fullscreen URLs instead.
  • Masonry Random Heights
    Select "100%" to not have any variance in heights. 
    Under some circumstances, there will be variances even when "100%" is set (for example you will not crop Images, thumbnails will not be created from .webp Images etc.)
  • Enlarge selected Thumbnails
    You can decide which Media will have double width.
    For every breakpoint, you can set the same value as you would set in :nth-child() CSS selector.
    For example, 14n+4 will enlarge 4th Medium and every 14th after that.
    You can also set a number, it will enlarge only selected Medium, e.g. 4 will enlarge only 4th Medium.
    Keep empty to not enlarge anything at given breakpoint.


Set spacing and colors for different gallery elements.


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