Frequently Asked Questions

Error: The file extension "heic/webp" is not valid.

Visit this Dashboard page:
Dashboard -> System & Settings -> Files -> Allowed File Types
and add heic and/or webp to the list.

Thumbnails are rendered as full image in Concrete 8

Concrete 8 doesn't support webp format (even Concrete 9 does it partially).

Install "Improved Image Support" package.

Download (1.1.0)

In your "Insta Media Gallery" blocks set:

API limits and fetching data from Instagram

This addon is designed for fetching recent/top media from Instagram only.
It's not designed for scrapping big amounts of archived data from your profile and/or hashtag.
For perpetual fetching of current data, you have to use CRON links (or do it semi-regularly using dashboard UI).

In Dashbaord UI:

  • You can fetch max. 40 recent multimedia at once.
  • There will be 5 minute break before you can fetch another 40 again. 

Using CRON links:

  • You have to wait 15 days before extending access token (those last around 2 months).
  • Minimum interval between API calls is 1 hour (you'll get 10-20 Media at once during that call). So there is no point to set CRON task more often than every 1 hour.

Importing Media to File Manager is practically unlimited, since it depends only on your server capabilities.

API limits

Using dashboard UI, you can fetch media once per 5 minutes.

Using CRON URL, you can fetch media once per 1 hour.

API limits are shared between every account connected to Facebook App. So limits were implemented to prevent one account to use all available limit. 


Visit link below to see "Insta Media Gallery" in action: